Monday, April 18, 2016

What If the Government...

Judge Napolitano did a "What If" series on the government and the Constitution.  He inspired me so much that I wrote a list of questions...

- WHAT IF your rights have been marginalized and you didn't know it?
- WHAT IF you really don't have any rights?
- WHAT IF it was the government who chose to give you your rights and decided arbitrarily what those rights were?
- WHAT IF the right to privacy no longer mattered?
- WHAT IF the rights, you thought you had, turn out to be more of an assumption than a fact?
- WHAT IF you don't know your rights?
- WHAT IF the Constitution has been suspended by the 2 parties who mostly hold power over the government and we didn't know it and they didn't care tell the public?
- WHAT IF the government no longer agreed with our Founding Fathers that the people serve the government instead of the other way around?
- WHAT IF the people who hold office in the government refused to leave when asked or were voted out of office?
- WHAT IF the people who hold government (and engaging in criminal behavior) currently refused to leave their office when required to do by the police or majority of citizens?
- WHAT IF the government felt that the Declaration of Independence was so revolutionary that they "censored" it in schools because if anyone really did try to overthrow a corrupt government, that action would be construed as an insurrection or as an act of treason (on any municipal, county, state or federal level)?

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