Monday, April 18, 2016

Modern American Politics & Hitler

Hitler is no doubt considered to be the world's greatest and most infamous villain.  And, having said this, he is typically the standard by which we gauge the speech and actions of American politicians.  It is also for this reason that we stand to compare him with politicians we prefer to dislike.  Even though, in some ways, Stalin and Tse Tung were just as villainous or even more so.

Time and time again, we see - somewhere in the long posts of social media - a side-by-side comparison of some politician who eerily states something very much similar to Adolf Hitler.  Hardly ever do we see a pictorial wherein Stalin or Mao Tse Tung is the villain of choice.  But that does happen too.

A Modern Monstrosity

Why do we see this so much?  And why does Hitler stand as a monstrosity, not over just the last century, but this century too?  His gargantuan shadow casts forth its darkness into the hearts of who love individual liberty and into the nightmarish dreams of what could be again - a terrible and dark history repeating itself - right here in America.  So shuddering is the idea of Nazism, there was a film made about it in 1994 called, Fatherland.

The Smallest Seeds

Perhaps we are so engaged and locked on the issues of Nazism that we find that, even the smallest similarity could bring about mass destruction, war, chaos as well as another holocaust.  But, the idea is not too far from the truth.  Small things start with the mildest of insinuations, accusations, the smallest deeds of slandering and libel.  That's how it all starts.  Books, literature, films, ideas in such a way that the smallest rumblings lead to the greatest of political upheavals.  And we, the American People, are terrified of the notion that such Nazism and such horror could ever materialize here.  But, we will get to that notion a little later...

Ever hear of one of the most plausible (and yet most ridiculous and unlikely) of scientific ideas?  It's the idea that, on the microcosmic scale, great things begin to occur?  For instance, could flap of a butterfly's wings ultimately "stir up" a hurricane?  Perhaps only God knows for certain.  But, in the case of politics, the idea that is real and powerful.  It only takes one idea to take root and then there is the one plant, then the garden, then the field, then the forests... ever creeping, ever conquering one square inch at a time.

Libensraum ("Living Space")

This was the Nazi idea of taking land from other people and nations so that the Great Germanic Northern People might have more living space to farm, live and play.  Indeed, the conquering of these other lands was akin to the idea of making such a "space" to "heaven on earth" and it was an appealing idea to the Nazis.

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