Monday, April 18, 2016

Modern American Politics & Hitler

Hitler is no doubt considered to be the world's greatest and most infamous villain.  And, having said this, he is typically the standard by which we gauge the speech and actions of American politicians.  It is also for this reason that we stand to compare him with politicians we prefer to dislike.  Even though, in some ways, Stalin and Tse Tung were just as villainous or even more so.

Time and time again, we see - somewhere in the long posts of social media - a side-by-side comparison of some politician who eerily states something very much similar to Adolf Hitler.  Hardly ever do we see a pictorial wherein Stalin or Mao Tse Tung is the villain of choice.  But that does happen too.

A Modern Monstrosity

Why do we see this so much?  And why does Hitler stand as a monstrosity, not over just the last century, but this century too?  His gargantuan shadow casts forth its darkness into the hearts of who love individual liberty and into the nightmarish dreams of what could be again - a terrible and dark history repeating itself - right here in America.  So shuddering is the idea of Nazism, there was a film made about it in 1994 called, Fatherland.

The Smallest Seeds

Perhaps we are so engaged and locked on the issues of Nazism that we find that, even the smallest similarity could bring about mass destruction, war, chaos as well as another holocaust.  But, the idea is not too far from the truth.  Small things start with the mildest of insinuations, accusations, the smallest deeds of slandering and libel.  That's how it all starts.  Books, literature, films, ideas in such a way that the smallest rumblings lead to the greatest of political upheavals.  And we, the American People, are terrified of the notion that such Nazism and such horror could ever materialize here.  But, we will get to that notion a little later...

Ever hear of one of the most plausible (and yet most ridiculous and unlikely) of scientific ideas?  It's the idea that, on the microcosmic scale, great things begin to occur?  For instance, could flap of a butterfly's wings ultimately "stir up" a hurricane?  Perhaps only God knows for certain.  But, in the case of politics, the idea that is real and powerful.  It only takes one idea to take root and then there is the one plant, then the garden, then the field, then the forests... ever creeping, ever conquering one square inch at a time.

Libensraum ("Living Space")

This was the Nazi idea of taking land from other people and nations so that the Great Germanic Northern People might have more living space to farm, live and play.  Indeed, the conquering of these other lands was akin to the idea of making such a "space" to "heaven on earth" and it was an appealing idea to the Nazis.

A Word About Acting Like A President & Being Presidential: Looking Back at Ronald Reagan As A Role Model

Being "presidential" really does mean everything that it connotes.  Indeed, the connotation of being "presidential" is being professional and to act with professional decorum.

The site, states the meaning as an adjective:
Adj. presidential, relating to a president, or presidency; presidential; befitting a president; looking presidential; statesmanlike.

Indeed, the whole idea of being "presidential" is to act like a statesperson.  Indeed, a president absolutely must act as his own foreign dignitary and it is absolutely a requirement of the job that such a person act with a sense of dignity and respect.  In general, the American People usually require it to be a "MUST HAVE" as part of the job requirement.

This means that such a person would have to "act with class" without exception and to be professional at all times.  It also requires that a such a person not use profanity, invoke "locker room humor", be crass or be abrasive and reviling in behavior.  I was just 13 years old when Ronald Reagan took office.

What If the Government...

Judge Napolitano did a "What If" series on the government and the Constitution.  He inspired me so much that I wrote a list of questions...

- WHAT IF your rights have been marginalized and you didn't know it?
- WHAT IF you really don't have any rights?
- WHAT IF it was the government who chose to give you your rights and decided arbitrarily what those rights were?
- WHAT IF the right to privacy no longer mattered?
- WHAT IF the rights, you thought you had, turn out to be more of an assumption than a fact?
- WHAT IF you don't know your rights?
- WHAT IF the Constitution has been suspended by the 2 parties who mostly hold power over the government and we didn't know it and they didn't care tell the public?
- WHAT IF the government no longer agreed with our Founding Fathers that the people serve the government instead of the other way around?
- WHAT IF the people who hold office in the government refused to leave when asked or were voted out of office?
- WHAT IF the people who hold government (and engaging in criminal behavior) currently refused to leave their office when required to do by the police or majority of citizens?
- WHAT IF the government felt that the Declaration of Independence was so revolutionary that they "censored" it in schools because if anyone really did try to overthrow a corrupt government, that action would be construed as an insurrection or as an act of treason (on any municipal, county, state or federal level)?

Sunday, April 17, 2016

2 Extremes & Too Extreme: Today's Politics: We the People - American Center Party

We are at a time in our nation's history where we need to make a choice.  We can allow fringe politics, extremism, hatred, division and deadlock ensue and gridlock progress for our government and for our nation.  We can choose the policies of hate, derisive gridlock, division and the "them against us" mentality which will get us absolutely nowhere.
Or, we can do something better.  We can provide a more moderate, more sensible form of government with policies that make more sense and reflect the realities of today's American Families.  We need to stop letting lobbyists hijack our government, billionaires dictate policy and dark money throw a shadow of influence over the people without disclosure from where this influence is coming.

I propose the following policies be adopted (they are moderate - so both sides should be able to "cope" with the "middle ground" so that we can get things done.
Please understand I am writing this as a Christian but also as a Secular Constitutionalist.

Jobs & Economy Policy
We need to fix the crumbling infrastructure of our nation.  This will provide many, many jobs and reinvigorate the economy.
Instead of giving more and more tax breaks to the super rich and multi-national conglomerates, let's make policies and give financial support to small businesses (which already account for 80% of the nation's economy).  This may mean loans and grants for small businesses should be available.
Let's invest in Research & Development - especially in medical research - even if it means the government should spend in this area to keep America strong and competitive in world markets.

THE MOST IMPORTANT US INDUSTRY: Agriculture.  Let's implement plans, protocols and financial assistance to our nation's farmers to insure that tomorrow night our families can eat well.  Let's keep agriculture strong and growing.
Let's stop allowing businesses to relocate overseas and taking jobs with them when they go.  Let's create incentives to get them to stay and keep doing business here in the USA.

Defense Policy Spending
It accounts for 55% of our national budget.  Let's cut in half.  Here's how:
(1)  Let's get other nations to pay for our overseas bases.  We sell them on them paying for the bases we are operating in dozens of nations worldwide.  They PAY for #1 world class United States Defense and troops.  We keep the bases open at THEIR expense - NOT ours.
(2)  Let's stop wasting money.  We already wasted 1.5 TRILLION dollars on a failed airplane.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  (DOD Stuck With A Flawed 1.5 Trillion Fighter Jet)
(3)  Let's stop needless and senseless wars.  War is a act of last resort and should only be launched when America is directly, and immediately threatened or attacked.
(4)  Let's stop building more and more bombs and missiles.

Foreign Aid
Let's stop sending hundreds of billions of dollars to foreign countries and we get absolutely NOTHING IN RETURN.  Let's use that money to reinvest here in America.  We can create education programs to lift families out of poverty, reduce blight in our cities, promote affordable housing and so much more.

Let's find a common ground where we can make healthcare more affordable for the American People. Currently American Business loses about a half trillion dollars on personnel sick days every single year. So, we are already paying deeply for those costs ( US Workforce Illness Costs Over Half Trillion Annually ).
(1)  As New York City has rent control, the government can put a "cap" on products (including medications), services and care. This will suppress costs.  Additionally, having a comparative pricing program for products, services and care where consumers can compare prices from anything to having a EKG to delivering a baby will allow for more competition as prices, services and care can be carefully compared on consumer websites.  Wider competition should be able to suppress prices even lower.
(2)  Have American consumers pay up to $300 for care within a year and $300 for medication (unless they have insurance or a discount health plan).  Anything over this amount, the government can subsidize.
(3)  On catastrophic care, American consumers can pay up to $1,000 on payments with the government to pick up the costs on the difference via subsidies.
(4)  Government cap should be placed on healthcare premiums to make premiums affordable for most American families.
(5)  Government cap should be placed on actual and punitive damages for various medical malpractice suits.
(6)  Government caps should be placed on pharmaceutical companies for various drugs for various diseases and calculate what "constitutes" a "fair" profit in order to discourage gouging.
These kinds of practices should discourage system abuses and encourage and foster fair trade and fair commerce and bolster economic competition.
Finally, such steps allow for all Americans to take ownership and it allows them to invest in their own health without opening up a healthcare system to widespread abuse and fraud.

Ethics, Legalism Required Learning
(1)  Ethics should be taught in schools.  A course requirement should be required in elementary, high school and college.  This should massively reduce violence in schools - including school shootings as well as bullying.
(2)  Let students hold other students accountable by allowing them to have a "student court" where students can learn the gist of "lawful" student self-governance.  When a student misbehaves, the "student court" can issue the punishment accordingly.  This may also bring in conceptual studies allowing the students to see the United States Constitution in action.  Of course, such school programs could help be structured by a licensed attorney - possibly through corporate-school programs that promote student understanding of commerce.

Social Matters (In General)
Since social matters are mostly a private affair, such matters need to decided on an individual basis and without government intrusion or intervention.
Abortion should be allowed in cases of pressing medical matters, rape and/or incest, therefore, should be wholly decided by patient (or the victim and the victim's immediate family).
Marriage should be decided between 2 persons regardless of the objections to other outside parties - especially the government.

Government Regulation
While it is in the best interest of commerce, in general, to be free of draconian and heavy government regulation, limited regulation (both with regard to scope and magnitude) is still required - especially in light of the frauds committed during the 2000 "cooking the books" fiascos of Enron and MCI and the 2007-08 Financial Collapse.  American government must strike a fair (and limited) balance to regulating the economy so that the American consumers and the nation, as a whole, is protected at all times from careless and criminal acts of businessmen in general.

Immigration & Building A Wall
Rounding up people who are already living here illegally is not fiscally sound.  Instead, by granting amnesty and enrolling 10,000,000 illegal immigrants as paying American citizens into the tax pool, could raise as much as $56,000,000,000 a year in additional tax revenue just on the Federal basis.  This additional income would greatly help the border states with additional state income which is probably desperately needed.
Additionally, farmers and local economies depend on these people already settled here for the additional economic stimulus on which the travel and agricultural industries rely.
Building a "wall", per se, may not be feasible.  Mexico is a sovereign nation and will most likely refuse to pay for the construction of such an undertaking.  Having a double fence, with barbed wire at the top (some - or all - of which may be electrified) with lookout towers spaced evenly apart maybe an option.  Of course, there are probably extremists who would rather have something akin to the "Great Wall of China" and similarly equipped like the Maginot Line of France (including landmines and sub machine guns).

In Conclusion
We need a party that can lead (not by the fringes) but with leadership and mental toughness.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Last Republican Presidency Was the Single Greatest Failure In American History: Why Americans Don't Want A Repeat!


The LAST REPUBLICAN PRESIDENCY ended being the greatest failure in American history.

Even if you take the WORST 10 Presidents combined, it still wouldn't equal the massive and complete failure of the Bush Presidency.

(1) The 2000 "Cook the Books" Fiasco led to the greatest series of Corporate Collapses in American history including companies like Enron and MCI Telecomm.
(2) The 2001 9/11 Terrorist Attacks were the worst in history.
(3) The Terrorist Attacks usher in the 2001 Recession.
(4) The Iraq & Afghanistan Wars start and end up costing the American People $3,000,000,000,000 with Dick Cheney's company Halliburton racking in billions of dollars in tax payer income only to find out the reasons for the wars are based on LIES. No one is prosecuted. The Middle East is left is mass chaos (still).
(4) 2007-08 Crash cost approximately $16,000,000,000,000,000 to correct.
(5) Millions and millions of jobs are lost in the greatest economic collapse in modern world history.