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Racism in America: Burning the Confederate Flag

Addicting Information opened it's parting shot to the Confederate flag today with this headline statement:
"Saturday, June 27 is 'Burn the Confederate Flag Day' - Won't You Join Us?"
The answer to that question is an unequivocal, 'NO'


Well, I currently don't own a Confederate flag.  But, if I did, I wouldn't choose to 'burn it' either.

So, the question really begs to answer, "Which flag is the most racist?"  And, that is a very good, very sound and very fair question.  So, from the unobstructed view of an American Native Indian, I can tell you, both flags are tainted by racism.

First let me suggest that the United States of America commissioned an army to steal and conquer Indian lands all the way to the Pacific shore of the United States.  Additionally, the 'savages' were interned in concentration camps.  Here's the worst part: The "concentration camp" idea was given to the Nazis by the Americans themselves to intern 'undesirable' elements and to keep them contained.  Indeed the implementation and use of these 'concentration camps' in the United States are still in existence and being occupied by American Native Indians to this very day.  The only difference is that the Americans didn't install gas chambers and ovens to burn them alive.  Although lurid, there are suggestions that the Nazis got that brilliant idea from the writing of Hans Christian Andersen wherein Hansel and Gretel burn the witch alive in an oven.  (The witch most likely being a Jew in the eyes of the Nazis).

The 'stealing land' part of this amazing story is not anything less than the story of the Nazis stripping the Jews of all of their worldly possessions.  Thinking about all of these things (and how closely related American actions were to Nazi actions is amazing indeed).  In fact, the doctrine of 'Manifest Destiny' was a widely held 19th century mindset by white United States citizens that the United States must expand and be established from Atlantic to the Pacific seashore.

No doubt there was a Native American Holocaust and it is Jewish people who regularly point out this historical note.

See these stories here:

Hitler's Inspiration & Guide: The Native American Holocaust
Robbing the Jews: The Confiscation of Jewish Property in the Holocaust

Amazingly, Old Glory's guilt doesn't end there.  The concentration camp idea was brought back into full swing in the very midst of World War II in America.  The Japanese were displaced and interned in camps throughout the United States.  This move was mostly based on "racism" because they "look different" from the majority of people of European ancestry.  Note, the German-Americans and Italian-Americans were NOT interned because they were of European heritage.  These actions are mostly negated in American history books because the atrocities "look bad" on the nation's history and puts a "terrible light" on human rights abuses.

See this story here:

Japanese-American Relocation

So, if you are still thinking "Old Glory" is innocent of racism, think again!  It was the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT which ruled that Africans could not be American Citizens and therefore lacked standing to sue in a court of law.  This was (inadvertently) a huge win for Southern slave owners (many of whom were actually black themselves).  This decision had upheld the the "property rights" of Southern slave owners.  The racist thinking of the Supreme Court was upheld in the famous:

Dredd Scott Decision

There is a confounded and "mythical" ideal that slavery in the South was based on race.  However, historical findings suggest very different findings.  Many slave owners were black themselves and sons or daughters of white slave owners.  Indeed much of this "Black Elitist" group actually segregated themselves from both white and full blacks being labelled as "Mulatto".  The Pre-Civil War census concedes that this is actually the case:

The Black Slave Owners

The fact is that slavery was not necessary based on "race" although there is only some approximate indication that this is only partly the case - but only in a very "generalized" manner.  The fact that other "slave" categories existed was based on the idea that there is an "inferiority" of non-European stock people that generally runs the "racist" thinking gambit. But, even this, is not completely true as Irish were seen as being "less than European" and "sub-human" as this article indicates:

The Irish Slave Trade - The Forgotten White Slaves

The stories of Irish slaves is incredibly sad and tragic at the same time.  Indeed, many Irish were sold in New England and the United States condoned the trading as "commerce as usual" and no such thing as human rights was really given any regard until fairly recently in modern history.

The United States condoned, for a very long time, Jim Crow Laws that separated whites from colored people - mostly in the South.  However, throughout the United States, African, Asian and American Indians were treated unfairly with regard to a number of laws passed by the States that were indeed racist and, in some cases, even condoned use of violence against non-white groups.  Many of these racist laws remain enforce today.  The history regarding the infamous Jim Crow Laws is somewhat well-known but little is known about American Indian slavery and enslavement practices - all of which was permissible under the United States of America as a nation:

Jim Crow Laws

Indian Slavery & Enslavement

Indentured Servitude was yet another form of slavery accepted throughout the United States.  Many of the servants were kidnapped and sold into this form of slavery.  In fact, since it was a contract, the "creditor" could resell the contract to another "creditor" and the period of servitude would reset and many people never escaped this slavery contract sham:

Indentured Servants (Slaves)

View of the Confederate flag Today: A Symbol of Racism

While the Confederate Flag is seen as a symbol of racism, it is due to primary 2 things: (1) Slavery in the South; (2) White supremacist groups wave the Confederate flag as a symbol of racism.  However, this is somewhat a misperceived notion.  Not all slavery was white-dominated.  The South, while it enacted the Jim Crow laws, did not make the flag a symbol of racism.  Instead, this flag for many, is a symbol of State's Rights.  The true flag of racism is the Nazi flag which, purely, is a tyrannical symbol of racial pride, evil and arrogance.  If any of the flags were representative of racism in America today, then all 3 flags are equally, at some level, tainted with the blind color of racism - then and now.

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