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The Downfall of Iraq: A Prelude to Caliphate? An Evaluation of Islamic Thought

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Iraq is now being overrun by the ISIS power.  This conquest is meant to bring Sharia Law to the region and many Iraqis are now being displaced as refugees in the area.  Furthermore, the growing groundswell support for this power is also threatening the government of Iraq.

No doubt the area has been in constant and brutal turmoil for decades now as powers rise and fall in the region.  A constant state of instability allows for continued infighting.  America has lost its appetite for war and the American public are worn from the idea of constant warfare and seeing our American troops come home in body bags.  To make the matters worse, the reasons for going to war with Iraq were based on lies, lies and more lies with big corporate interests in the mix.

America can ill afford to be at constant war as it damages our reputation around the world and puts our government in the light of being a constant "bully" of sorts.  America must face challenges militarily on the one hand and be the great purveyor of peace on the other.  This balance is critically important and the United States must be mindful about which battles it chooses to fight.

Gerald Ford, at the end of the Vietnam War, basically said that America could not be the one constantly running to the aid of everyone in need.  We must be aware that the choices other people and other nations make around the world are in their own hands and are a making of their own choice.  National sovereignty must be respected.

ISIS and the Middle East

Perhaps, much like the rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire, ISIS will follow this same path.  But, if ISIS were to grow in power and strength, what would that mean for the rest of the world?  What would it mean for the nations who depend on the exportation of oil from the Middle East?  These questions can only be answered in time and through observation.  As ISIS grows in strength with the near fever of how Nazism grew, the international stakes will continue to grow.  If the region ultimately reunites under one great Islamic caliphate, the world will see it happen.

Islamic Sentiments for Empire

Currently, the Islamic world is pushing for some type of wide ranging and powerful empire.  Such a caliphate, with the fanatical love of Nazism and the love of imperial ambitions (which are diametrical dreams opposed to freedom and democracy) the rise of an empire based on a Messiah seems to be inevitable.  In fact, the extremists seem to view the idea that an Islamic Caliphate will be global in scope.

A Mahdi for Empire

There is a common thought that a Mahdi will eventually come out of nowhere to establish peace.  In fact, this sentiment is one wherein the Islamic people are seeking a "peaceful" man to establish an empire and bring justice and peace to the world.

An Islamic World Seeking Slavery

The very word, "Islam" means "submission" and very much means domination.  The whole idea that Islam is a religion that is bound to the idea of "slavery" is a very real concept.  There is no room for individualism, individual rights or freedoms.  But giving one's self to the a god and to a lording master as a slave is a mindset that is diametrically opposed to the ideas of liberty in virtually every way imaginable.  This idea of personal slavery is not just a religious one either - it carries with it a strong idea that all individuals, whole nations and societies, nay - the ENTIRE world should be enslaved by a god and master human ruler.  Islamic governments are expected adhere to this mindset.

Global Domination

The goal is to "conquer" the entire planet with this one religion - to subdue every human being to the "Will of Allah" and to have everyone be a slave to this God.  It is a perfect type of rhetoric which makes for the expansion of dictatorial global leadership a very real aim by a people's whose mentality is one that is "slavery to god" and that the state's power is absolute in the name of religion.  The power of the individual is literally meaningless.  In fact, the whole mindset is that there is no need for a "democracy" because the "submission" to the state religion is paramount and trumps the need for secular government.  The greatest power in the world is to have a people believe with their whole hearts (and with religious fervor) that everything - people and government - must be enslaved to a greater power - whether it be a faith and / or a Mahdi.

This idea of "global submission" and has even found a place on Facebook with nearly 200,000 likes.  The page HERE.  Indeed, the community has gone "global" in terms of outreach and the graphics (such as the one inserted above this section) show this mindset as being very real in scope.

Global Implementation of Sharia Law

This type of law is understood as infallible and means, "God's Law" and is applicable to everyday living.  This law covers politics, economics and criminal law.  In fact, since the state, the people of the state are "slaves" to God, Sharia Law, by its implementation seems to be consistent with this religious idea and moral duty to bring the entire globe under slavery to God.  Sharia governs everyday living of people - including government and has certain guidelines for punishment up to and including capital punishment.  See HERE.  Again, this type of law leaves no room for secular freedom or freedom of religion in the broadest sense and is opposed to American tradition of freedom as enshrined in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Islamic Beheadings

The idea of beheadings is a terribly gruesome way to die.  In fact, those who believe they are acting in the "Service to God" believe that by eliminating any opponent to Islam, Allah or the Qu'ran, also believe they are correct and justified in doing so.  When the time comes, and a new Islamic Empire or Caliphate is finally reassembled, this political body will most likely pose the greatest danger ever faced by the free world.  Any effort to oppose it will lead to most likely to death sentences worldwide - and by beheading as this method of killing is most gruesome.

The verse of the sword found in the Qu'ran actually "justify" beheading.  In fact, in place of a sword, a guillotine could be employed but the traditional tool for this barbaric activity has been the use of the sword. See Qu'ran and Violence: HERE.

States Modeled After Fanatical Nazism

The ties between the Middle East and Nazi Germany are indeed fascinating as they are fanatical in scope and nature.  In fact, the main focus of that still remains is 2-fold: (1) The destruction of Jews [and most likely Christians as well since they share in Judeo-Christian traditions - particularly with regard to Mosaic Law and Old Testament]; (2) Worldwide conquest.  See Nazism and Islam HERE.

Even in recent years, the fanatical concepts of the worldwide domination have not diminished.  And, as Middle East military forces continue to march in the direction of a ultimate political end, world domination of Islam, the peace cannot and will not be sustained.  In fact, the radical idea of genocide of the Jewish people remains a point of paramount importance and seems to be in accordance with Qu'ranic thinking.

In Conclusion

It appears that the "Crisis in the Middle East" will not be resolved anytime soon.  The fanatical thinking of the governments, powers and peoples involved is a part of the religion, the culture and the politics of the region. It will not end until the entire region comes under the control of a dictatorial Mahdi who will impose an authoritarian regime (with sights on world domination) on the region and launches a campaign on genocide against Israel.

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