Sunday, June 8, 2014

Climate Change: Is Global Warming A Political Issue?

Odd to think that long term weather trends plays into politics.  But, the truth is, it's a hot topic (no hot pun intended).

The idea that our world has been changing for centuries is not a new one.  In fact, no one really knows just how much man's impact is and how much is due to nature.  But, there is no doubt that humanity is having a massive impact.  Just think about these facts:

1.  Our industrial world is largely responsible for the pollution we put in our air - and there is a lot of it.  Everything from burning fossil fuels to whatever factories put up through their smokestacks.

2.  Wildfires and man made forest fires are adding CO2 levels to the atmosphere in alarming rates.

3.  Volcanic activity has been known to have a large effect on atmospheric conditions.

4.  An increase in solar strength also adds to rising temperatures.

The Effects Are Evident In the Pics

1.  Glaciers are melting at an alarming rate (and disappearing altogether).

2.  Ice melt is raising the level of the oceans.

3.  More greenhouse gases mean more powerful storms, tornadoes, hurricanes and floods.

4.  Higher temperatures mean longer more prolonged droughts.

Partisan Politics?  Really?

The weather isn't isn't a political issue until it's out of control.  For some people who aren't feeling the affects of global warming and climate change, it's a non-issue.  For those who are seeing the effects - FIRST HAND - the evidence is enough and there is a call to action.

I personally believe that we are far past the point of being able to "STOP" climate change.  Now, all we can do is brace for the impact.  Don't believe?  Check out these pics and sources:

Climate Change Before & After:

BBC News:


National Geographic:

The Next Questions

How are we to prepare?

How bad could it get?

What, if anything, are we willing to do about it (including spending tax dollars to address the issue)

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