Saturday, January 25, 2014

Michael Hathman Explains Why Chris Christie's Presidential Run May Be Over Before It Even Started

How bad do the Republicans need Chris Christie?  Really bad.  Christie has a charisma that many people are drawn to admire and follow like moths to a light.  But wait!  The best plans of mice and men seem to always be snared by the Devil himself (or at least by devilishly inspired henchmen with devious plans).

The George Washington Bridge lane closures that have definitely irked the citizens and commuters of both New Jersey and New York for starters.  More importantly, such a closure put into great jeopardy the lives and property of citizens by slowing down emergency life-saving vehicles such as ambulances and fire trucks which simply were hindered in getting to their very important destinations.  Then, to make matters worse, this "traffic study" ends up being a farce and petty "political vendetta" carried out by the Christie staff which only served to hurt the citizens of New Jersey and their closest neighbor, New York.  But wait!  The situation deteriorates when "Bridgegate" makes headline news on every major news channel across the country.

Well, now the story seems to get even worse still.  It is as if the nation is witnessing, in very slow motion, a cascading political train wreck that seems to go on for miles and miles.  Now the Mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey, Democrat Dawn Zimmer, has leveled charges that the New Jersey Lieutenant Governor, Kim Guadagno was saying that "you have to support a special building project in Hoboken so that Sandy Relief funds will flow more freely to Hoboken."  Well, the Mayor's notebook made it's way to MSNBC who has been relentlessly reporting the story of the charges the Mayor has made against the Lieutenant Governor.

Ranked among these problems are other problems of glaring magnitude.  The residents that were smashed by the winds and flooding of Super Storm Sandy are still awaiting disaster funds relief and many are still sitting by homes still in ruins a year later, untouched in a demolished and ruinous disaster.  Furthermore, there appears to be little transparency as to where and how these funds are being spent and what funds remain to help the citizens of New Jersey rebuild a life that has been smashed by a monster storm.

Finally, Greg Morcroft, of the International Business Times, dated January 21, 2014, wrote an article about the fiscal standing of New Jersey.  The headline wasn't very pretty reading, "Chris Christie Has More Problems Than Bridgegate: New Jersey Dead Last In Study Of State's Budget Solvency" See article here.

Considering all these things, perhaps Super Storm Sandy is turning out to be a draw for Christie.  While on the one hand, the storm has skyrocketed Christie to national prominence, the other shows that many Sandy Storm victims are still waiting and the word is getting out on this matter.

Furthermore, the highest office in the nation (the POTUS) requires a leader that can manage a good, ethical and strong staff.  This staff, must in turn, manage the country in the absence of staffers running rogue and "doing their own thing" and carrying out political vendettas that ultimately have the people and the taxpayers paying.  This begs to question, does Christie have the power or even the oversight capability to manage a staff that can govern a nation?  Does Christie even have a staff that knows where the foul line is drawn in cases of moral appraising?

The evidence speaks for itself.  Even if Christie had no knowledge that these events were taking place, it speaks volumes of the type and character of the people he has in place to carry out the work of his administration.  While even if the Christie brand, as strong or as weak as it may be, still sparkles, it appears that the staffers are the tainting elements to that image.  And it makes the voter think, does this person have what it takes to run the country with the right staff for the Republican Party?  The answer may be an astounding no and that may be why the Christie Presidential bid for the White House may be down the proverbial tubes.

Michael Hathman
Writer for Michael Hathman Political News