Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Is Racism In the Republican Party Out of Control?

Is racism still well and alive?  As Sarah Palin might remark in the positive, "You betcha!"

You would think in 2013 that racism would have died a terrible death years ago.  We even have a President of the United States of America who is a member of the minority (soon to be the majority) of people of color.  And, a more intelligent and sophisticated person would care less about the race of the President.  But, this apparently is not the case.  It seems we have seen some of the most racist, outrageous and unbecoming conduct of Americans I have ever witnessed in recent American history.

It is as if America has slipped back, in large part, to the 1960's with regard to some racist, hate mongering ever seen.  And the placards seem to support the very same racist placards seen held by opponents of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's.  Take a look:

These are some of the most unfortunate and tragic photos of our time in recent political history.  And, many of these racists are of the extreme and fanatical Republican right.  Indeed, the Republican philosophy has always touted the following:

- The "Political Party of Christians"

- The Party of "Family Values"

- The Party of the Pro-Life Movement

Well, here's the problem:  

- REAL Christians don't champion racism because it is an Antichrist belief and most certainly in diametric opposition to "Love thy Neighbor".

- Family Values includes respect for others - their rights and their well being.  Racism does not support any worthwhile values at all.

- Racism is not consistent with any "Pro-Life Movement" philosophy.

I know that many Republicans are not racists.  But, there are Republicans who are good and decent people and they need to stand up to those racists in their own party and completely repudiate - if necessary even greatly embarrass - these racist individuals.  The aforementioned signs only serve to completely destroy the Republican Party and their chances of winning elections.

While this author subscribes and supports many of conservative values, I cannot, do not and will never support any political party that supports or condones racist behavior or the distribution of any type of racist media or placards displayed at rallies and Republican events.

It is my greatest hope that ALL AMERICANS will take a stand and strongly condemn racism in every form and fashion.

Reporting for Politico Now,
Michael Hathman

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