Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Is Racism In the Republican Party Out of Control?

Is racism still well and alive?  As Sarah Palin might remark in the positive, "You betcha!"

You would think in 2013 that racism would have died a terrible death years ago.  We even have a President of the United States of America who is a member of the minority (soon to be the majority) of people of color.  And, a more intelligent and sophisticated person would care less about the race of the President.  But, this apparently is not the case.  It seems we have seen some of the most racist, outrageous and unbecoming conduct of Americans I have ever witnessed in recent American history.

It is as if America has slipped back, in large part, to the 1960's with regard to some racist, hate mongering ever seen.  And the placards seem to support the very same racist placards seen held by opponents of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's.  Take a look:

These are some of the most unfortunate and tragic photos of our time in recent political history.  And, many of these racists are of the extreme and fanatical Republican right.  Indeed, the Republican philosophy has always touted the following:

- The "Political Party of Christians"

- The Party of "Family Values"

- The Party of the Pro-Life Movement

Well, here's the problem:  

- REAL Christians don't champion racism because it is an Antichrist belief and most certainly in diametric opposition to "Love thy Neighbor".

- Family Values includes respect for others - their rights and their well being.  Racism does not support any worthwhile values at all.

- Racism is not consistent with any "Pro-Life Movement" philosophy.

I know that many Republicans are not racists.  But, there are Republicans who are good and decent people and they need to stand up to those racists in their own party and completely repudiate - if necessary even greatly embarrass - these racist individuals.  The aforementioned signs only serve to completely destroy the Republican Party and their chances of winning elections.

While this author subscribes and supports many of conservative values, I cannot, do not and will never support any political party that supports or condones racist behavior or the distribution of any type of racist media or placards displayed at rallies and Republican events.

It is my greatest hope that ALL AMERICANS will take a stand and strongly condemn racism in every form and fashion.

Reporting for Politico Now,
Michael Hathman

Congress Earns FFF Rating - Republicans Bear Brunt of Grade

Congress has earned a "FFF" Rating from a concerned citizen.

As America's least popular organization, the "approval rating" is reaching a point at being nearly non-existent.  Furthermore, the political infighting has reached a level of ridiculousness never seen before in all of American history and the nonsense that continues to go on is blatantly wrong and appalling at best.  At worst, Congress has been able to accomplish little-to-nothing other than cause mass chaos and political jackassery!

Based on a "PASS" and "FAIL" basis, here is how Congress rates on the following issues:

1.  Starting with the most basic premise of all: Congress was elected to do ONE thing: Move the United States of America in a progressive and meaningful manner towards prosperity.  In its primary mission, Congress has egregiously earned the following grade: FAIL.

2.  On the issue of Benghazi, the real fault lies with the terrorists who assailed and murdered Americans at the complex.  Republican leaders have blamed the Obama Administration with the responsibility and have completely ignored the fact that the murderers were actually the ones responsible and have had "hearings" on the matter which have accomplished nothing and have not done anything to bring these criminals to justice.  Missing the whole point, Congressional Republicans earn a grade of FAIL.

3.  On the IRS matter of "targeting" conservative groups for "political standing" it was the IRS' fault with regard to their own operations.  Apparently the law clearly indicates that groups are to receive special status ONLY IF they EXCLUSIVELY promote the social good.  The IRS acted outside the law and decided to interpret the word, "EXCLUSIVELY" to mean "PRIMARILY" in the context of the law.  Congressional Republicans have completely missed the point of this interpretation of the law.  As Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC stated, the two words have completely different meanings and therein lies the matter.  On this point, Congressional Republicans earn a grade of FAIL.

4.  On the issue of Obamacare (which is now the law of the land) have completely wasted precious Congressional time to repeal this law over 30(+) times to date.  Instead of trying to take steps to "improve the law" as it stands, Republicans have decided repeal is a better alternative to the Republican healthcare plan (which does not exist).  Congress has a duty to support any program which supports and sustains the health of all Americans.  Additionally, Congressional Republicans would rather shut down the government to the detriment of all Americans rather than compromise to take steps to promote American prosperity.  On this point, Congressional Republicans earn a grade of FAIL.

5.  On the issue of the Sequester, which is the Republican plan for austerity measures is completely and totally contrary to their mission to help progress America towards complete and total prosperity.  The austerity measures put in place by the European Parliament has failed miserably.  The sequester has done nothing to promote prosperity in America and does everything to further damage the income of all Americans across the board.  As a matter of fact, the sequester actually makes cuts to important programs such as Head Start, school lunches and a variety of research and development programs that sustains America's world lead with regard to technological improvement, innovation and medical advancement.  Also, the sequester does nothing to further advance the modernization of aging American infrastructure.  Economics have proven - time-and-time-again - that prosperity raises tax revenues, reduces deficit spending and improves the quality of life for the United States as a whole.  On this matter, Congressional Republicans earn a grade of FAIL.

6.  On the issue of political obstructionism - which again is completely in opposition to the mission of Congress - to promote and improve American prosperity, Congressional Republicans earn a grade of FAIL.

7.  On the voter suppression by passing draconian even more restrictive voting laws: Congressional Republicans are disfranchising the voting rights of minorities, the youth, the middle and lower classes as well as less fortunate Americans.  The opportunity to vote and to do so more often is an American right regardless of race or the likelihood that a voter will vote for a certain party.  By limiting (and cutting off) the voices of "undesirable" American voters, Republicans can better assure their chances of winning more elections.  These criminal and draconian voting suppression laws are simply meant to oppose the very spirit of liberty our Founding Fathers supported at their own mortal risk (and died supporting) and such laws undermine the Republic.  On this matter, Republicans massively FAIL.

8.  On the matter of racism spouted by RACIST BIGOTRY  Republicans have failed to address at rallies and protests and political gatherings extraordinarily egregious speech and posters calling the president and his supporters names and using pictorials to exhibit this outrageous and very, very stupid behavior.  Republicans FAIL

In order to illustrate this point, I have included these extraordinarily offensive images to hopefully incite some sort of response from readers:

 Oh, ya - all these signs: FAIL, FAIL, FAIL!

Reporting for Politico Now
Michael Hathman