Sunday, February 24, 2013

Michael Hathman Explains How RFID Could Ultimately Limit All Types of Freedoms

RFID technology has offered many different benefits to our world such as tracking, information management and even the ability to transact business without a credit card or money.  RFID implants almost "wipe out" the need to carry a wallet or a purse for monetary purposes.

But can RFID technology actually pose a threat to the liberties of the people - especially within the framework of a working republic if such a technology were to become widely accepted or mandated by government - especially if the RFID chip were used as the "primary tool" for financial transactions?

I believe that the answer to this question is a resounding "yes" especially for those people who believe in the right to free speech, assembly and the freedom to practice religion as they see so see fit.  RFID could ultimately be made to become an "enemy tool" to the freedoms of persons who believe in a free society where free speech is meant to protected, where politics can be freely discussed, and where a person can freely choose to exercise his preferred brand of religion.

Interesting to note, currently all hard money in circulation is approximately 3.0% of all money currently in circulation.  If the RFID chip is to be the standard tool for all financial transactions - this would put the liberties of the people at extraordinary risk.  Chances are, the bankers would be in control monetarily.  If the bankers don't like any particular person carrying a chip, they could, theoretically, the bankers could simply "deactivate" the chip.

Indeed, any person who would be implanted with a chip would be at the mercy of the super elite.  Any person who challenges the power of the elite could quickly find themselves in economic dire straights with a deactivated chip.  Indeed, any person who challenges the policy holders could find themselves without any meaningful power to challenge this type of establishment or political establishment.

It is my opinion that if such a chip were ultimately widely used and an end was put to the use of hard money cash, the RFID chip would present the greatest single threat to the liberties of the free world.

Reporting for Political News,
Michael Hathman

Friday, February 22, 2013

Michael Hathman Explains the Sequester: Truth, Lies & Reality

The Sequester is another move by the Republican Party to gain political points and to try to outdo President Obama on the budget talks.

Over a trillion dollars have already been cut from the budget but the Republicans simply don't seem to be satisfied that it is ever enough.

While "Smaller Government & More Freedom" is a mainstay Republican concept, so is the idea of more "austerity planning" which threatens to weaken an already fragile American Economy and undo the growth made since the Crash of 2007.  But Republicans don't seem to be all that concerned.

No doubt that there is a real need to balance the budget and most American citizens would most certainly agree with this sort of planning.  There is no doubt that when dealing with budgeting human lives will tend to be impacted and it is usually the liberal political spectrum that is concerned with limiting the damage as much as possible when it comes to responsible fiscal management.

The United States Congress will need to find a balance between good fiscal management and also limiting the negative human impact as much as possible.  Republicans seem not to be concerned at all with human suffering but more so with the bottom line and monetary management solely and this reflects in the general attitudinal disposition of both Republican politicians and those who tend to vote Republican most of the time.

Indeed, many Independent voters feel that there must be a balance which must be struck between human suffering and proper fiscal management.