Sunday, October 7, 2012

Romney to Pull PBS Funding If Elected

Obama - Romney Debate

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At the debate, Romney mentioned that he would pull funding for PBS.  Well, this remark has not set well with educators as I am sure it did not with Jim Lehrer, a PBS News Anchor.

With the United States trailing other developed nations in mathematics and science, any cuts to education may continue to slip further still.

Time Magazine reported on 28 August, 2012, "ACT scores show high school students not ready for college."

ABC News stated, "America’s eighth-graders still are largely outperformed by children in industrialized Asian and European nations, scoring only at average levels on the latest round of international math and science tests."  5 December 2011.

How exactly does cutting funding for education help our nation maintain a competitive edge with other world nations?  Under cutting education only serves to bolster less informed, less innovative citizens.  Indeed, education in math and science is the impetus of a strong nation both in terms of economics, military tech, and healthcare.

By cutting funding, the statistics can only get worse which can hurt our nation's ability to be a top-ranked industrialized "know how" nation among other national competitors.

If Romney and the Republicans have their way with routing money away from education to other purposes, the results can only worsen for an educational system that is struggling in the midst of soft economy.

Reporting for Political News Now,
Michael Hathman

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