Sunday, September 9, 2012

Michael Hathman Reports: Ideas for Hope & Change

Maryland Heights, MO - The upcoming election for President and several other political posts have the nation gearing up for a election following one of the most divisive times in our nation's history.

Not since the Vietnam War has the American People been so polarized on so many different issues.  Perhaps one of the greatest shards of divisiveness has also been the rise of ideologues promoting more "Puritan" values concerning everything from the economy to social issues.

More conservatives seem to be promoting and leaning towards a much more "Laissez-Faire" economic policy as opposed to liberal more "Keynsian" approaches to fiscal management.

In order to cure the mounting public debt, the American Government is going to have no other choice than to nationalize the Federal Reserve.  Currently, this entity exists in stark contrast to the Constitution's requirement that the ownership and printing of money belong to Congress.  The Federal Reserve is neither "Federal" nor is it a "Reserve" but merely a private enterprise owned by the private banking elites.  This was a "RIPOFF" of the American People.  The American People have and reserve the right to print its own currency - NOT BANKS.  The interest accrued by the Federal Reserve grows compounded yearly.  Eventually, the United States will no longer be able to pay for the phony "debt" to the bank WE THE PEOPLE are supposed to own.  The only hope to wipe out TRILLIONS of taxes owed will be the nationalization of the Federal Reserve.

The only political hope for the United States is to nationalize the Federal Reserve in order to get the Public Debt massively lowered and to balance the budget.

With regard to healthcare, Obamacare (a Republican Plan) should have bring many more paying customers to insurance companies and open the doors to care more equally.  Another hope in healthcare reform is to require doctors to start accepting credit and payment plans.  Health charges racked up by patients could be sold on the secondary market as debt to debt investors.  Opening the lines of credit to healthcare would create more money for the economy and open the doors to greater competitiveness in the markets.  By creating more insurance brokerages, people can shop for healthcare based on affordability and this downward pressure could dramatically lower prices.  Furthermore, placing caps on healthcare related lawsuits would also drive down malpractice insurance premiums.

Indeed, in times of national emergency, the government and the tax payer may need to assist stabilizing the economy if and when needed.

Smart fiscal management can and will provide more jobs.  The more the business environment is prosperous, profitability for large and small firms will continue to grow.  Greater profitability spurs heavier investing and thereby creates more jobs.  Continuance with monetary growth in the economy should lead to better days.

Reporting for Political News,
Michael Hathman